Dance Styles

  • Tap
    is made up of a mixture of sounds incorporating light and shade. We strongly believe that in tap, your feet are the instrument and if taught correctly, you should be able to to portray a tune without music.

    Tap assists co-ordination and is about improvising with sound and movement. The shoes for tap have small metal plates on the toes and heels which give a distinctive sound with which dancers strike the floor, beating out sound. It can be very energetic, but rhythm plays an important role within this art form and learning Tap will help you develop your own sense of rhythm.

  • Ballet
    is the fundamental key and foundation to all forms of dance. It teaches and encourages good posture, balance, co-ordination and strength.

    Ballet can be used to either portray a story or express feelings to music. Within Ballet, poise and grace are essential factors.

  • Modern
    is a very enegetic style of dance as it involves kicks and leaps as well as strong arm, hands and head movements. Modern includes many different styles of dance including musicals, jazz, hip hop and lyrical. This class is a great way of keeping fit and builds on strength and creativity.